How do the biggest geopolitical risk firms approach forecasting? What’s the future of tensions between the United States and China? How hard is it t...View Details

What do you get when you combine a veteran superforecaster with an experienced hacker and innovator? You get our guest for episode 4 of The Right Si...View Details

What is Metaculus' origin story? Who runs it now and what do they have planned for the future? How will Metaculus' role within the forecasting ecosyst...View Details

What’s been going on with Israel and Palestine since last Monday? How far along in the conflict are we? Is this flare-up between these two nations any...View Details

What can we expect to happen in Afghanistan after the United States withdraws its troops? What is going on in the Donbass? How likely is it that any c...View Details

How do companies use forecasting? When will forecasting, as we practice it at Global Guessing, become more common and mainstream? What tools can I use...View Details

How does a world-renowned superforecaster compare to public health experts when forecasting the future of the pandemic? We spoke with one to find out....View Details

What are the core components of forecasts and how can those pinpoint areas for improvement? How can those principles be applied to forecasting war bet...View Details

In early 2020, when discussion around a Covid-19 vaccine first started, our guest made a forecast regarding vaccine roll-outs that ended up being spot...View Details

How do the best forecasters update their beliefs? Do markets or prediction polls elicit the best forecasts? In this week’s episode of GGWP, Pavel At...View Details

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