What is Metaculus' origin story? Who runs it now and what do they have planned for the future? How will Metaculus' role within the forecasting ecosystem shift as time goes on? These are all questions that any avid forecaster might be curious about, and today we were able to get some answers! In this episode of the Global Guessing Weekly Podcast, we sat down with a very special guest to discuss the answers to these questions and to talk about the forecasting community writ large: Gaia Dempsey, CEO of Metaculus.

Quantified forecasting wasn't always at the fore of Gaia's mind. She used to work a tech entrepreneur, helping to run and grow companies in the augmented reality space. But in 2019 things changed and she was lured by Metaculus' founding group of scientists to join the company.

As she touches on in our interview, forecasting and her past in alternate reality technology, while seemingly quite different on the surface, have many commonalities. Namely, the focus on human augmentation as the path forward for technological innovation. And Gaia has taken this to heart with the way that she leads Metaculus. So definitely tune in to hear about Gaia's story and the moves she's making now to change the forecasting game forever!

Gaia on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fianxu/
Metaculus: https://www.metaculus.com/
Metaculus on Twitter: https://twitter.com/metaculus/

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